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The Gospel of John


Redemption’s Hill will be devoting most of 2017 to the Gospel of John, in our current message series “Abide.”  We can expect to see in John the highest and fullest expression of who Jesus is. As the author, relentlessly paints a picture of who Christ is, his goal is that we would believe. And further, that through believing we would find life.

The message in John will be clear, Jesus is among other things, our source of life. As we wander through life searching for meaning, the source is ready and waiting. Through Christ we find grace upon grace, adoption, redemption and satisfaction. He is the; vine, bread of life, the resurrection and the way.


Our hope for this book is to learn more of who Jesus is. And to grasp deeply what Jesus meant when He told us to “abide” in Him. He called Himself the vine and says we are the branches, apart from Him we can do nothing. This statement was meant to teach us that depth in our faith only comes when we are connected to Him. The I Am. He is how we are saved. How we grow. And how we do any good work. I pray we all walk away from this current message series more connected, more rooted and more entrenched in Jesus.