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Redemption’s Hill is a gospel-centered

church in Columbia, Missouri

Gospel Message

The Gospel is good news. The Gospel is God’s answer to the problem of sin. Sin is our rebellion to God’s rule over us. The Gospel is the good news that God has acted in history to conquer evil, rebellion and sin and reconcile sinners to Himself through the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus from the dead. When we put our faith in this good news, the Gospel gives us a new understanding. It gives us a new word about God, a new truth about ourselves and it gives us a transformed way of interacting with others.

Gospel Community

When people think of church they often think of a Sunday event or a building for services. Church becomes an event that they are required to attend. We see church not as a place but as a people in relationship with God. As the gospel takes hold of us we take hold of one another as family to be the church. Because of our new identity in Christ, we are the church. We do not attend the church. God has created a new people with new motives. A new community is created by God through the Gospel and becomes the conduit and the vehicle for mission.

Gospel Mission

As God became man in the incarnation, we, as a people, are called to incarnate God’s life to the people we are with. Mission is not what we do. Mission is who we are. As God Himself is a missionary, we his, children have also become like our Father. We are a community of missionaries to Columbia. God is not just interested in the salvation of people, but in the restoration of all things back to Himself.   Our hope is to be salt and light to our city by intentionally being on mission towards it.


All we do flows from our understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ
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